Blog about life, money and time

Blog about life, money and time

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Money and time

my name is Marcin. Observing our reality, we are informed everywhere, rightly or wrongly, that we are free people, that we can do what we want, go where we want, believe in what we want. The times and place, where we live give us the chance to actually turn out to be the truth. It is not so much said, that people to be free, also must be financially free. The point is, that we shouldn’t be limited by such a prosaic element as lack of money. Knowledge of economic and financial mechanisms, especially personal finances, are extremely important areas of our lives. Of course, we must have time to enjoy life and financial freedom. This is very important relation.

Who needs money, if he doesn’t have time, and vice versa. Having both time and money are components, that will improve our lives. Unfortunately, in our society, this knowledge is treated as not very important, what can be seen in schools, offices, and also, what is a horror, at some companies that earn money. A large part of the media treats it similarly. Personally, I think that the more knowledge on a given topic, in area money and time management, the better will be our lives.

To whom I dedicate this blog

I direct my blog to people, who want to achieve financial freedom and at the same time to effectively use the time they have, getting as much from life as possible. If you were asked, just like me, the following questions:

  1. How to spend money wisely?
  2. Does saving even make sense?
  3. What investing in the stock market looks like?
  4. How much money do you need, to get early retirement?
  5. How to get money for a school for children?
  6. Is taking loans bad?
  7. How to get out of any debts or difficult financial situation?
  8. Can I arrange additional sources of income besides full-time working?
  9. How effectively plan finances and time?

this blog is for you.

What will you find on this blog

On the blog I want to show:

  1. Affordable knowledge of money, focusing on personal finances.
  2. Life stories taken from the area of personal finances.
  3. Knowledge of managing your own time.
  4. Related topics including: money, investment, time management.
  5. Calculators for financial calculations.
  6. My personal experience in the above matters.

Due to the fact, that I think that mathematics is ruthless and only it shows objective truth I will present as many numbers as possible, and on their basis draw as simple conclusions as possible. Of course, I want to present them in the most accessible form possible, i.e. tables and charts.

And finally

I have a request to comment and provide positive and negative information about my financial blog and articles. I note that pieces of information provided in the blog are my personal opinions and do not constitute a recommendation The final decisions and the responsibility for them remain in your hands.

Best regards and good luck!