Blog about life, money and time

Blog about life, money and time

Chance of succes
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Chances of success not only in finance

The title can be a bit confusing in relation to, what will appear in this post. I was motivated to create it becouse of various articles about the probability to get a success. It is not about any specific success. It will be about how to estimate the probability of it. How to count chances of success. A bit of

how much cost hour of your life
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How much cost hour of your life

Several months ago I have written article about: how much time do we have throughout our lives. On my example, I showed how much time throughout our lives we spend on work, hobbies and finally how much time will be wasted. Of course, there were placed my personal data, but I suspect, that statistically most people may have a similar

Real fuel usage of your car
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How high is real fuel usage of your car (calculator)

Actually, this article should be part of the household budget cycle – the first entry in this topic is here. But to the point. Most of us own a vehicle, that we use, or maybe plan to buy, a car. The main cost factor is, of course: the fuel. Fuel consumption in a car is probably the main factor, that

Save your priceloss time
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How much time do we have in our lives

This post gives you an overview of topic: how much time do you have in your entire life. It will be about how much time will you spend on working, resting, and how much will you just waste. In the article we will answer the question: how much time, that we have, will we use for various activities, how many

What is inflation
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What is inflation and is it always dangerous to your money?

Inflation is a word, that often appears in the press, media, and everyday conversations. It simply means, that your money loses its value. A simple example. Having a certain amount of money for instance 100 EUR, you can buy a specific amount of a given goods. For example, you can buy 20 breads of 5EUR each. If inflation rises by

math matters
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Math matters not only in finance

Math matters. Have You ever heared stories about a fantastic business from someone around you? Or maybe someone offers some brilliant way to earn money? You see an ad for some brilliant financial product, or maybe someone is trying to sell you that “brilliant” financial product. What connects them. Just, that math is ruthless. Sounds a bit mysterious? Ok to

Smoking is it worth
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How much does smoking cost (calculator)

From this post, you will learn how much does smoking cost throughout your life, taking into account only the purchase of cigarettes, without the cost of saving your health. Read this post and find out how much money you would have, when you quit smoking in your youth. There is in attachment a calculator where you can find all figures.

net worth
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How much is your net worth and how to calculate it

Recently, while I was walking with my children around the neighborhood where I live, I’ve heard the following question: “Daddy, why don’t we have a car like this gentleman?” The “gentleman” was driving a beautiful, large, elegant car. The registration numbers indicated that this car belongs to bank. Of course, I started explaining to the children, that this man’s car

Addiction to shopping
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Addiction to shopping? How to fight “shopaholism”?

We have holidays. Nevertheless, yesterday I was wondering, what my habits are regarding the entire shopping phenomenon. I have noticed a certain cycle. Once upon a time, when I was in school, it was correct. After some time, when I started earning my first money, I spent monay in a way, that was far from a model, thoughtful pattern. Just

Home budget basic tool
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Home budget – a basic tool (part 1)

It’s time to start working on your personal finances. Take control of revenues, plan and monitor expenses, create a financial cushion. First step. Use the basic tool to manage your personal money. That’s the home budget, basic tool. Thanks to it, you will be able to successfuly face your financial difficulties. This will be a first step towards the goal