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Smoking is it worth
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How much does smoking cost (calculator)

From this post, you will learn how much does smoking cost throughout your life, taking into account only the purchase of cigarettes, without the cost of saving your health. Read this post and find out how much money you would have, when you quit smoking in your youth. There is in attachment a calculator where you can find all figures.

Fortunately, I’ve never learned smoking, even though I have had many possibilities, I am the lucky one who is free from this “smelly” addiction. I know – not everyone can say that. I have a few friends who smoke all the time, since we were young. Unfortunately, they failed to quit. Every period of time they have to buy themselves a packet of cigarettes.

Only one pack of cigarettes

Do you know how much does cost a pack of cigarettes? My research has shown, that the cheapest pack in Europe can be bought for about 3-4EUR, and let’s assume the most expensive costs for 10EUR, which is not entirely true, they are obviously more expensive ones. Let’s assume, however, that the smoker pays on average around 4 EUR per package. It is not entirely relevant.

Whole life

How much does smoking cost. Imagine, that you start smoking at the age of 15. Yes, I know there are those who started even earlier, but for the sake of ease of calculation let’s stick to this age. The same applies to the age up to which a person smokes. It’s hard to say. I knew people who smoked at the age of 65. Unfortunately, one of them is no longer alive, died of cancer, and the other had a heart attack – no longer smoking. But to the point, how many cigarettes can you smoke a day? There is also a discrepancy here. Someone smokes 1 cigarett a week, and someone 2 packages a day. Full spread.

How much does smoking cost it is question you can find answer on my blog

Smoking model

So let’s count. Let us assume an extreme case. Suppose a person starts smoking at the age of 15 and smokes an average of a packet a day by the age of 65. Nightmare – it is 40 years of life! I wrote until I was 65 because I don’t know if anyone can live this way longer. So let’s assume:

The number of packs in a lifetime is: 365 days * 51 years = 18 615 packs of cigarettes.

This gives you a lifetime of 74 460 EUR.

It gives: 1460 EUR per year and 121 EUR per month.

Big amount of money. It goes without saying, that the price of a pack of cigarettes will fluctuate over the someone’s life. However, the calculations were carried out on the assumption, that the price of a pack of cigarettes did not change. If we additionally take the value of money in time, it would turn out, that the amount is even higher. What could you buy with it? Certainly a small flat in a small town.

I understand, that the example was extreme. How much does smoking cost? In the attachment below there is a calculator, where you can count how much you would spend on cigarettes, depending on the most important variables:

  • number of cigarettes smoked per day,
  • period of smoking in your life,
  • cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Calculator: Calculate – how much does smoking costs:

I can only imagine how difficult it is to quit this addiction, and that the above post probably won’t get it. However, I hope that for someone, at least it will contribute to it. Monetary motivation may make the scales tilt and someone will give up the addiction. I’m waiting for information about who has succeeded.

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