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Save your priceloss time
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How much time do we have in our lives

This post gives you an overview of topic: how much time do you have in your entire life. It will be about how much time will you spend on working, resting, and how much will you just waste. In the article we will answer the question: how much time, that we have, will we use for various activities, how many hours, days, months, years it will be. How much time we have in our lives. Learn about it.

At the beginning of consideration

How much time do we have in life? Probably all people in the world ask themselve this question sooner or later. We view this issue differently at different period in our lives. Young people, with the prospect of several dozen years of life before them, do not think with intence about this matter, having the impression that they still have “a lot” of it. Older people have a slightly different perspective. In addition, there is the question of how we use the time, we have. We “use” our time for work, but also for pleasure or rest.

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The rule is, that those who have a lot of time, usually waste a lot more of it. I know from my own experience, that I was able to waste a lot of time watching TV or playing computer games. I found it as relaxing. But no. Resting is something other than wasting time. Of course, spending time in front of the TV has nothing to do with real rest, which regenerates us and gives us energy to futher action. Time is a resource, that theoretically cannot be bought. Of course, those who own the business will say they are buying their employees’ time, which is not so obvious with regard to your own time.

Rest and loss of time

Lost money we can get back but lost time cannot be recovered. As we have a limited amount of time, the question arises how much time we have in our lives in years, months, days, hours. So, how much time do we have for work, but also how much time we spend on rest, pleasure, and how much we waste. Looking back at the passing years of life, time is becoming more and more priceless. Our hour of life is becoming more and more valuable.

How much time do we have throughout our lives

So let’s start the calculations. Let’s assume how much time we will use for professional work, how much time for additional work, how much we sleep, etc. As a minimum unit, I will take a period of 1 week and list the number of hours in it. Of course, the following numbers are just an assumption, because everyone will probably have different values. So in a week:

  • We work professionally for 40 hours (24% of the time)
  • 20h (12%) is spent on other work, i.e. hobbies, hygiene activities, work at home, work outside of professional activity
  • 20h (12%) rest (I assume, that active rest does not consist in lying in front of the TV)
  • 56h (33%) sleep
  • 32h (17%) will be wasted

With the above assumptions, we obtain annual results:

  • We spend 2080h (24% of the time) a year at work
  • 1040 hours (12%) other work
  • 1040 hours (12%) we rest
  • We spend 2,912 hours (33%) sleeping
  • We are wasting 1664 hours (17%)

Some interesting observations can be made from the above data. First, we know how much time we waste – almost 17% of all the time we have. Did you know, that to become an expert in a given field, you need to spend about 10,000 hours on this topic. Assuming, that you spend all other work (from the calculator) improving your skills in a given field, after about 9 years you can call yourself as an expert. Simple. But let’s get back to the topic – during your whole life you spend 97,760 hours at work, sleep 136,864 hours. Unfortunately, you also find out that 78,208h are irretrievably wasted.

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How much time we have in our lives

Of course, the above calculations are just a generalization. Not everyone starts working at the age of 19 – for example, some study until the age of 25 and later start working. Not all of them quit their jobs at the age of 65. Working longer is an increasingly common trend (why be bored at home). It is also understandable, that at least for me, each week is slightly different from the previous one. Each of us performs these activities in different hourly proportions. How much time we have in our lives – download calculator in Excel.

Open calculator in EXCEL:

In the attachment there is a calculator in which you can configure your week (statistically, everyone is the same). Then you will find out how much time each activity takes you throughout your life. For example, you can find out, how much time in your entire life you will waste if you waste 1 hour a day. It is 17 108 hours, which is 712 days, which is about 24 months, which is practically 2 years …


As I have written, time is resource , that we irrevocably lose. Save every hour, maybe every 5 minutes a day. It results in your whole life in days, months even years of lost time. I sugest, use time reasonably, you can’t recover it. How much time we have in our lives. Not so much.

Thank you very much for reading my article.

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