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The business part and tool part
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I’m starting ebusiness. The business part and tool part

I’m starting ebusiness. The business part and tool part. What you need to pay attention to when you start it. At the beginnin, you need to be aware that it consists of two layers developing in parallel next to each other. How to perceive them and what they are. They occupy the minds of novice ebusiness enthusiasts. I know because I have covered this topic myself several times in the past. I am talking about two layers in e-business:

  • tool layer
  • business layer
The business part and tool part. What to look for - what problems will be ahead of you. Read my post.

The business part and tool part it is important.

The business part and tool part of ebusiness

The tool part of ebusiness is knowledge and technology needed to run it. That is simple. Depending on what you want your ebzines to look like, whether it’s a blog or a tool specially written for you, the tool page covers all the technique and technology involved in your business. Servers, website hosting, Word Press page, dedicated tools written in php and mysql for instance. This is a series of tools you need to know to run your e-business effectively and efficiently.

The business part is the economic and organizational side of your ebzines. It stands for the business model, with which you will earn. It includes everything, that is related to the operation of the business itself from the non-technical side. While the product itself may be of a more technical character (although it does not have to), the business model, employee aspects, sales, customer service, complaint handling, settlements, accounting and tax issues are of a business nature.

But what is it all about?

Why am I writing about these two layers? Although the topic seems relatively trivial, it is not. The importance attached to each of the layers is different for the ebusiness operator depending on, when you run the ebusiness. This is especially important for beginners. I remember, that as a beginner I didn’t focus on the most important aspects. I put maximum emphasis on the tooling part, or rather on creating and constantly refining tools and grinding knowledge about them. I was learning all the time. After all, it is known that when you create a great website based on an innovative model, well-made, the project will sell itself. This is ironic of course – it is not.

The business part and tool part. Know what is it and not to make system mistake.

The essence of running an ebusiness

Your ebusiness needs to earn, this is its most important function. I have described this aspect in more detail in this post. If you have beautiful, functional tools, that will not sell, the sense of its existence is questionable. Of course, some people run a business for the pleasure of running it, and they certainly do, but that’s not the point. I am not sure if all of them are aware of this. A potentially simple thing that is selling is simple but not easy.

Selling is simple but not easy

When you start ebusiness, you will be running both the business and the tool layer. The essence is even guidance and, importantly, developing both layers at the same time. If you only focus on one of the layers, then you are likely to fail. I made this mistake several times grinding only the tool part. I had some really beautiful tools. Consistent development is especially important if you run or intend to run an e-business, the business model of which already exists on the market, i.e. blog, course production and sale, running an e-shop, you must be aware that the business side is as important as the tool side.

I’m starting ebusiness – summary

With the current development of web services, the technical side is becoming simpler. You can master it with relatively little effort. Its availability results in growing competition among developers of tools, most of which you can use for free. However, the business side becomes a challenge. Our businesses more and more often compete not only nationwide, but also worldwide. The relationship is simple, you have the world market available but you experience international competition at the same time. The business part and tool part be aware of it.

Hope that this post opened you your eyes on issue of business and tool part of ebusiness. Please like my Facebook page and coment this topic.

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