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Procrastination the enemy of effective action
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Procrastination the enemy of effective action

Do you often find yourself, that you leave your planed job? Instead doing job, you start watching social media, memes or movies. You explain to yourself, that you still have time. Alternatively, you cannot start a task, and then, after the lost time, you have remorse. This could mean, that you are among the 25% of people who have trouble with procrastination and that you are a procrastinator. Procrastination is the enemy of effective action.

You are probably familiar with word procrastination before, although two similar phenomena must be shown here. They are often, usually inadvertently, used interchangeably. I mean procrastination and precrastination.

Procrastination means nothing less than irrational, chronic postponement of things to be done, it means delay, postponement.

Precastration is the opposite, i.e. the desire to immediately finish doing a given thing, regardless of the effect or quality of the task being performed.

Of course, we will be interested in procrastination in this post.

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The procrastinator’s scheme of action is usually similar. You can even show a certain characteristic procedure. When the procrastinator has a task to do, the path of events takes the following form:

  • First, procrastinator postpones the completion of the task until later.
  • There is a feeling, that the task should be started after all.
  • However, there are all sorts of excuses.
  • Eventually, it either completes the task at the last minute or doesn’t.
  • The procrastinator promises to improve.
  • The path starts all over again.

This process is repeated, preventing success and satisfaction with life. It affects the sense of self-esteem. But how is it different from laziness. Procrastinators are often seen as lazy, which is not true. Lazy people generally do not feel guilty about wasted time and only perform the minimum tasks necessary. Some authors argue that this is not entirely true, and in fact 20% of people procrastinate and the remaining 80% are simply lazy. Students are especially often assigned procrastination as a trait. It can affect up to 95% of them, hence the common name of procrastination: student syndrome.

The causes of procrastination.

There are several reasons for the occurrence of procrastination. Not all of them are recognized as certain. I will list only those, that seem to me the most important and only in terms of words, because this is not the subject of this post:

  1. High expectations of family and teachers as to the perfect performance of the task.
  2. The need to act under the influence of severe stress, which is an additional stimulus.
  3. Fear of success.
  4. No motivation.
  5. Own perfectionism.
  6. Problem with focus.
  7. Decision fatigue – if you make decisions very often, at some point you are put off by even the simplest choices.
  8. Procrastination from depression, when you postpone even the simplest righteous.

That can be, that only certain areas can be selectively procrastinated. You may not have such problems work, but sabotage your private zone. You can, for example, procrastinate leaving home, or running your own business you make “after hours”.

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How to fight procrastination?

There is no easy way to fight procrastination. However, there is a basic procedure. First of all, recognize yourself as a procrastinator, for example, if:

  • You fill your day with low-priority tasks.
  • You can’t make a decision.
  • You start the activity and go to make a coffee first, then you don’t continue the task.
  • Instead of doing the most important tasks on your list, you are doing the least important.
  • You are waiting for the inner mood of “inspiration” or “right time or moment” to start the task.

Find the cause of procrastination – it will help you better understand the problem, then use one of the methods of fighting procrastination. This is, of course, somewhat general, but what should be done:

  • Make a to-do list. Note, do not enter large amounts. Failure causes, that you fell guilty. Even start with one task a day.
  • Break down tasks into smaller parts. Completing even small tasks will give you a satisfaction.
  • Set short breaks – this is essential for occupational hygiene.
  • Reward yourself for progress.
  • Try to have a work space, limit it to a specific place. For example, do not work in bed.
  • Get up early in the morning before everyone else, you will get a sense of control over your own time.

This post only marks problem of procrastination. It’s actually just a sketch. Area is much wider and will be surely enough for several books. Personally, I admit, that my fight against procrastination is in progress. I showed you in this short post only the absolute outline of the problem. I encourage you to explore the topic on your own, because time is the resource, that you do not have an endless amount of. Remember, that procrastination is the enemy of effective action.

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