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Blog about life, money and time

time is money money is time
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Time is money and money is time

Commonly known dependency

I do not think, I will surprise anyone saying, that time is directly related to money. This relationship is inversely proportional. The following image is often depicted. Either you have money or you have free time, so time is money. It is true, but not entirely. You can easily point to the inaccuracy, that some people have neither money nor free time, and you are right. The dependence of having time on having money makes sense for people who know how to earn money, i.e. are able to effectively and efficiently convert their free time into money.

Time is money – conditions

They have unique knowledge and experience. They have specific abilities or have a highly paid profession. Unfortunately, some people cannot do this. They have a profession or skills for which there is no need, they lack knowledge and experience, do not have this specific education, and often lack determination. If they additionally represent a demanding attitude, wanting to have money without the necessary effort, this dependence does not exist. I’m sure you know such people. I don’t want to focus on this aspect at this point. If you are committed, want to achieve success in life, you have and deepen your knowledge, then you are probably able to convert time into money and vice versa.

Time is money, money is a time

In addition to money …

Of course, you cannot try to convert all the time you have into something useful. For example, rest is also very important. There is a very important conclusion from this. On the one hand, I believe, that the will to succeed, to have money is positive, but it is necessary for balance to have free time, when we regenerate, gain energy for new activities, and for fun.

The day has only 24h. 7-8 hours you sleep. About 16h remains. During this time, we must perform daily activities, work, eat, rest. It is understandable, that there is not enough time for everything. How much of this time we actually have throughout our lives, I describe it in the article soon. It is very important to use it as efficiently and effectively as possible. It becomes a necessity to efficiently manage your time. Failure to do, so will result in slower achievement of our goals, lower efficiency of activities, missing planned deadlines, and thus additional stress.

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