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Vision at the beginning
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Vision at the beginning and what next?

At the beginning there is a vision, a picture that shows what your dream life will look like in the future. An indefinite dream, that motivates you to start your activity. It is not important what is the subject of this vision. Is it related to financial independence, free time, improving health, improving relationships with family, traveling. Does not matter if it is material or ethereal?


However, the vision is probably too wide for you to be base of your efficiency. All big and small things started with a vision, but it is not enough to start and continue your projects. Another step is necessary. It needs to be specified. You are then facing the next step, creating something real, a goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s only in your head or if you write it. You start with long-term goals and then create more and more detailed aiming at increasingly specific, daily goals. They must be defined and expressed preferably in numbers. Why? It’s easy to measure them, you can tell if they were achieved or not. As for imprecise goals, you will not always know if you have achieved them. Personally, I do not feel satisfaction in achieving uncountable one.

vision and what in next step

So, you have goals. Great. In the next step, of course, you plan activities to achieve the goals. First of all, you must have a long-term plan or strategy. Do you know, where this word comes from? (Greek: Stratos – army and agein – to lead). In modern times, this word was restored by Carl von Clausewitz, a Prussian war theorist. Unfortunately, a strategy often used is a lack of strategy. I will quote a classic:

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll find yourself in a place where you never intended to be”

How real is that. Without a precise plan, it’s likely that you won’t reach your goal. Important thing. Write these goals. Better yet, rewrite it every morning and make it a habit. Each strategy must be translated into shorter subplans.

Regularity and operation

And finally, I don’t know if it isn’t the most important thing. Implementing what you assumed. This seems obvious. However, the matter is more difficult. I think each of us has a friend who lives with great visions. I also have. His visions and ideas are really awesome. Conquer the world – simple! However, there is a weakness his goals and plans – lack of implementation. Even, if he starts, doesn’t continue. You have to be prepared that you will implement your plan effectively and systematically This is where the actual achievement of the goal and implementation of the plan takes place, you approach the vision. The motivation that initially carries on the wings ends at some point.

vision at the beginning

All that remains is: determination, regularity and repeatability. Several times I have rediscovered the history of the creation of 3M company. Its founders worked tirelessly for 3 years without any salary. They only had in mind the company’s vision and goals. As you can see it paid off – now it’s a giant. At some points you must return to your goals. Check, whether you have approached them or maybe you have already realized them.

The cycle should repeat. You control what happened. The result has two states. You have reached the goal or you have not achieved it. In the first variant, everything is great in the second, you need to check what happened, what needs to be fixed. Correct the plan, where and maybe the goal. The situation often changes. The thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that in case of failure, it may turn out that a great plan from the previous period, in new situation, will no longer be suitable or the short-term goal will not be possible to achieve with the current configuration of funds. You must answer for yourself what your path should be.

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